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 Miscellaneous » Login problems (profile name & password)  
If you can't login, please check the following:

Did you type your profile name and password correctly?

Upper case / Lower case?
Are you correctly typing upper and lower case characters or did you leave the CAPS LOCK on?

New profile name or password?
Did you forget that you recently changed your profile name or password?

Reset your password
If you have checked all the above and still can't login you can reset your password as follows:

1. Click the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page.
2. We'll send you a link via email.
3. Click the link in the email, and enter a new password for your profile.
4. Login with your new password.

Cookies enabled?
To log in to PlanetRomeo, your browser needs to be accepting cookies.

This helpful guide from Google explains how to enable cookies in the most popular web browsers.

If none of this information helps, please contact our support team via “Help & Service”.