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 Miscellaneous » Which Browsers work best with PlanetRomeo?  
We monitor which internet browsers are being used by our users and we test our website to make sure it works properly on the most popular ones. Here’s a list of the browsers we currently test and recommend:

Firefox 4 (or higher)
Safari 5 (or higher)
Google Chrome4
Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or higher)

There are many more browsers out there. We all have our personal favorites, but all browsers work in slightly different ways and don’t always display websites correctly. It’s actually quite tricky to create a website that will look and work well for everyone.

If you have a display, layout or functional problem with PlanetRomeo, first try another browser from the above list to check if the problem is caused by a glitch in your particular browser.

If you find bugs or errors using a particular a browser (whether or not it’s on the above list) let us know! We need this kind of feedback to help us attain the best balance between functionality and usability. Errors reported in browsers on our recommended list, get priority handling.

Sometimes problems might be due to your own computer’s configuration. Here are a few standard things for you to check:

JavaScript must be turned ON
Without JavaScript, the functionality of our website is severely limited and many features won’t work.  Check the following website for details of how to enable JavaScript in different browsers:

Put us on your "Whitelist"
Some advert-blocking, anti-banner or antivirus software (for example Kaspersky) can block the pop-up windows we use for profiles, pictures and other things. To resolve this, add PlanetRomeo to the whitelist/exclusions list for that software.

No sound? No Flash!
If your speakers are plugged in, your volume is up, but you’re still not hearing the sound notifications for new incoming messages, favorites online or new footprints, you might be missing Adobe Flash Player. Recent versions of web browsers don’t need it, but older or non-standard versions do. You can download and install Adobe Flash Player here: