PlanetRomeo Community Spirit

Right from the start PlanetRomeo has been a platform for the gay and bisexual male and transgender community. We are a place for dating, sex, making and meeting friends, sharing ideas and offering mutual support. Life should be a rich experience, and we want our community to reflect that.

We started local, just a network of friends in Berlin. We grew quickly, never expecting to become the global community we are today. We recognise that success brings new responsibilities. We take those responsibilities very seriously and we like to think that’s one of the things that makes us different.


We’re gay-owned and operated! Just about everyone working at PlanetRomeo is either gay, bisexual or transgender. Ok, so there are a few who don’t fit those categories (naturally as an employer we don’t discriminate) – let’s just say everyone is “gay-minded”.

We are what you make us.
Essentially PlanetRomeo is just a platform. It’s you and other users who populate our space and make things happen. Users are also at the very core of key functional areas like picture classification and supporting other users. We never forget that it’s users who make our Planet go round.

We believe in freedom of expression.
We also believe that the freedom to communicate should not be based on the ability to pay. For that reason we are committed to keeping the most important features of PlanetRomeo free of charge for everyone, without the annoying limits that some other communities impose on free users. How can we afford to do this? It’s simple. We don’t spend all our money on expensive advertising campaigns. We prefer to invest as much as possible in improving our service, and we trust that satisfied users will spread the word.

We use PlanetRomeo ourselves.
We’ve all got our own personal PlanetRomeo profiles – so we have first-hand experience of how things work – the good and the bad. We’re always trying to make things better!


Tolerance, respect, openness, freedom of expression…. These are not just empty words. Without them a community like ours could not survive. We want our community to be open to as many people as possible. This includes people of all nationalities, religions, and political persuasions – from left to right, black to white, top to bottom – and everything in between. Sexually we’re very broad-minded too!

We do our best to respect diversity and we expect our users to do their best too. Naturally there are limits. No one under 18 is allowed. Racism, discriminatory insults and cruelty to people or animals are absolutely forbidden. We also don’t allow our platform to be used for religious or political extremism because that would conflict with the fundamental principles of our community.

In general we don’t see it as our job to tell people how to behave, what to do or what not to do. We are all adults here and we should all take responsibility for our own actions. But we will step in and take firm action when necessary. Check our Terms of Use for more detailed information.


A healthy community is a strong community and the first step to good health is good information. The health needs of men who have sex with men are not always adequately met, so we have partnered with leading specialist health advice organizations in various countries to deliver clear information and advice on PlanetRomeo. If you’ve got any concerns or questions about your sexual health check the health information in our Info Zone or chat confidentially with a trained health professional in Health Support.


Back in 2003 as PlanetRomeo BV started to grow and become more successful, we began to give financial support to a number of gay community projects and good causes. In 2009 we decided it was time to do more, so we established PlanetRomeo Foundation, a registered public benefit organization. This allowed us to professionalize and make PlanetRomeo’s charitable giving independent, transparent and more international. PlanetRomeo BV is now the main supporter of the Foundation.

Find out more about PlanetRomeo Foundation here.

Giving back in this way is really important to us, and we’re very aware that we are only able to do it because of loyal supporters like you.

Thank you.